5 Signs Your Deck Needs Immediate Repairs

Decks are fantastic additions to any home. They provide a perfect spot for barbecues, relaxing evenings, and enjoying the outdoors.

But like anything else that endures the elements, decks need some TLC to stay in tip-top shape.

So, how can you tell if your backyard oasis is due for some love? Here are five common signs that might mean it's time to call on the specialists of deck repair in Lynchburg, VA:

1. The Wobbles: A Sign of Structural Issues

Imagine this: you're setting down a plate of delicious grilled burgers on your deck, ready to enjoy a summer feast. Suddenly, you feel a disconcerting wobble beneath your feet. Not exactly the picture of relaxation.

Wobbly or uneven decks are a red flag that shouldn't be ignored. This instability can indicate several problems, including loose or rotting support beams, deteriorating connections, or even settling of the foundation.

Don't wait for your deck to collapse! If you feel your deck isn't as steady as it once was, contact a reputable company offering deck repairs in Lynchburg, VA, for a thorough inspection.

They can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action, whether that means repairs or a rebuild by a trusted deck builder in Lynchburg.

2. Splinters: When Those Little Guys Become a Big Problem

Nasty splinters can put a damper on your whole outdoor vibe. While a few splinters here and there are normal wear and tear, excessive splintering indicates that your deck boards are deteriorating.

This can be caused by exposure to harsh weather, age, or even insect damage.

Extensive splintering not only creates a safety hazard but also detracts from the overall aesthetic of your deck.

If you're noticing lots of splinters on your deck, it's time to consider replacing the affected boards or even the entire deck surface. A specialist in deck repairs in Lynchburg, VA, can help you determine the best course of action.

3. Waterlogged Woes: When Drainage Takes a Dive

Decks are built to withstand the elements but are not invincible, especially when it comes to water. Pooling water, especially after a heavy rain, can wreak havoc on your deck.

This moisture can lead to rot, warping, and even mildew and mold growth. Not exactly the kind of guests you want at your next barbecue!

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent water woes.

  • First, ensure your deck has a proper slope that allows water to drain away from your house.
  • Second, regularly clean your deck to remove debris that can clog gutters or drainage channels.
  • If you're noticing persistent water problems, it might be a sign of a more serious issue with the deck's construction.
  • In such cases, consulting a reputable professional in deck repairs in Lynchburg, VA, is crucial to prevent further damage.

4. The Silent Danger: Rusty Hardware

Metal fasteners are the unsung heroes of a deck, holding everything together and ensuring stability. However, these trusty components can't fight the relentless battle against rust forever.

Corroded or broken fasteners can significantly weaken the structural integrity of your deck, posing a major safety hazard.

Make it a habit to inspect the metal components of your deck regularly, focusing on nails, screws, and connectors.

If you notice any signs of rust or weakness, don't hesitate to address the issue. A deck repair company in Lynchburg, VA, can replace the damaged hardware and ensure your deck remains safe and secure for years.

5. The Age Factor: When Time Catches Up with Your Deck

Even the most well-maintained decks eventually succumb to time. Building codes and materials change over the years, and an older deck might not meet current safety standards.

If your deck is pushing 20 years or more, it's wise to have it inspected by a professional. They can identify any potential code violations or weaknesses due to aging materials.

Depending on the condition of your deck, repairs might be sufficient. However, if the deck shows signs of extensive damage or doesn't meet current safety codes, a replacement by a qualified deck builder in Lynchburg, VA, might be necessary.


By staying alert for these five signs, you can catch deck problems early on and prevent them from becoming major headaches. Remember, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your deck remains a safe and enjoyable outdoor haven for years. So, don't wait for an emergency – address any concerns with your deck promptly!

For major repairs or a complete deck rebuild, consider calling on the experts at Sentry Exteriors. We are not just a trusted and top-ranked roofing contractor in Lynchburg but also offer deck building and repair services to keep your outdoor space in tip-top shape.

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